Three Great Real Food Blogs

I have just discovered three great real food blogs.  The first one I want to tell you about is The Nourishing Cook.  Here’s a little about Kim Knoch, the person behind the blog:   “Nutrient-dense eating is personally important to me because I need all of the nutrients that I can get.  I had weight loss surgery in 2001 and lost 200 pounds, and as a result of that became severely anemic and had a shortage of other vitamins and minerals in my blood.  ’Nourishing Traditions’ got my eating back on track.  For awhile, I made sure that everything that I put in my mouth was the best quality that it could be.  It worked, and my anemia has been corrected and my vitamin/mineral levels are normal, partly due to the methods that I talk about in this blog.  I am not a fanatic about eating the ‘right’ food all of the time, that kind of behavior just stresses me out.  But if I’m eating healthy home-cooked meals 80% of the time, that is an amazing thing for me, and a huge improvement.”  Kim is currently cooking through all of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions 773 recipes before December 31, 2011.  You can follow her on her Facebook page.

The second blog I discovered is The Nourished Cook. Elizabeth Walling shares what The Nourished Life is all about:  “I want to inspire you to take a journey to find nourishment in life through traditional foods and natural living. This blog is here to help bridge the gap between real food and real people, making nourishing foods more achievable for you and your family. Here at The Nourished Life, it’s not about doing it all right – because no one can! It’s about learning what you need to know to live a more nourished life, taking bite-sized steps on this amazing journey down the road of nourishment. After all, it’s not just about reaching a destination – it’s about all the incredible experiences you have along the way.

The third is Maria Atwood’s blog called Traditional Cook.  Maria struggled with health issues for decades until after cooking just a few months from Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions (NT), “my energy level skyrocketed, my low spirits slowly disappeared, my anxieties lessened, and the stiffness and pain I felt in the morning dramatically improved. I have also learned of the dangers in taking synthetic supplements and now stay with the time tested whole food supplements made by ©Standard Process. Looking back, I believe I was literally starving to death and simply did not recognize the symptoms! Yes starving! Please take the time to go on-line and look up the symptoms of starvation and you’ll be amazed how closely they sound like our modern day health problems.

So…do you see a theme?  Yes, Nourishing Traditions.  This is one of two cookbooks I have in my kitchen (the other is Greens, Glorious Greens). Nourishing Traditions is the cookbook which challenges all the politically correct nutritional advice which, in my opinion, is why we are all sick and fat.  This is more than a cookbook, it is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fermented foods, nutrient dense eating, meat preparation, and even how to make whey.  The other theme with these three women is they all say that none of them is perfect all the time.  Sometimes life just intervenes too much and you have to do a frozen pizza.  But everyone agrees that the majority of your families’ food should be real and wholesome and healthy.

P.S. I want to add two more to the mix. I’ve actually been following these two for a while. The first is Living the Local Life (and I actually met the author at the Four Fold Healing Conference in New Hampshire where she lives). The second is Hartke is Online.  Kimberly Hartke may have the most thorough blog on NT and real food cooking.

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3 Responses to Three Great Real Food Blogs

  1. thank-you so much for the great post and mention of my blog! I will also check out these other two blogs, and yours as well, because us real foodies need to stick together and support each other. :) thanks!!

  2. Claudia says:

    Nava Atlas does some great cookbooks too…

  3. There’s a couple new ones I haven’t heard of! Thanks for spreading the ‘real food’ love! :)

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