Working together to Grow Annapolis

Local Food Beat has a new partner – Grow Annapolis!  Grow Annapolis mission is to foster the development of community gardens in Annapolis and surrounding communities.  In fact, work is being done now on locating and identifying potential plots for gardens.  Grow Annapolis meets every Tuesday nite at the City Dock Cafe in downtown Historical Annapolis (behind the Market House) at 7 p.m.  At tonight’s meeting they will be joined by Maria Broadbent of the Environmental Program Coordinator for the Annapolis Department of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs.   Local Food Beat will be partnering with Grow Annapolis to grow not only community gardens, but grow community as well.  I am proud to be working with them.

This is such an exciting time to be in the local food movement in Annapolis.  And, as some of the readers know, there was a huge local food event on Sunday, March 21st for two showings of FRESH, the movie and to hear Joel Salatin speak.  Over 34 vendors and exhibitors were present (including Local Food Beat and Grow Annapolis)  and it is very apparent how much things have changed in Annapolis since Jeff and I first began trying to source our food locally.  When we first started eating grass-fed beef, we couldn’t even find any in the state!  Now, My Butcher and More sells it just down the street from us.  Also, for a complete list of where to find grass-fed and pastured products in Annapolis and Anne Arundel Co, please go here.  Please bookmark this list as I will be updating it from time to time.

For a great review of what Joel said and more of the wonderful day spent with other local food lovers, please read here.  And finally, here is a link to the Mid-Atlantic TED conference in which Joel Salatin spoke.  If you missed hearing him a few weeks ago, this 15 minutes will help.

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3 Responses to Working together to Grow Annapolis

  1. Patrick Byrd says:

    This is truly awesome! Glad to hear about Grow Annapolis, I’ve never heard of the group although I did attend the FRESH screening. Checkout my blog to see my efforts at growing my food for my family, including rabbits and chicken raising. There is a community garden plot in my neighborhood which I’m having visions of becoming a biointensively raised garden run sort of like a CSA. Could Grow Annapolis help me in my vision?

    Patrick Byrd

  2. Joel Bunker says:

    Hi Patrick,

    We would love to support you in your CSA endeavors. It would be great seeing you sometime at one of our Tuesday night meetings. Let’s talk.

  3. Paul Murphy says:

    Great to see people have formed such an important group.
    Whether Annapolis or larger urban areas such as Baltimore, aren’t producing local produce for local people.
    Good for you guys, best of luck.

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