Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas

You most likely you have that one obnoxious buddy who has traveled the world and can’t shut up about it. Effectively, I worry I’m getting to be that individual, sharing all of these travel-inspired recipes lately. But that’s definitely not what I’m making an attempt to do! I just can’t assist but share the incredible and wonderful food I skilled while away from the U.S.

There’s a lot of great foods out there and I simply feel you ought to know! A single such dish becoming PATATAS BRAVAS. Oh, lordy. I would go BACK to Spain just to have patatas bravas. Real story.

It all begins with crispy quartered potatoes. Some versions are fried, I was not about to go there (#terrifiedofgrease). Plus, baked taste just as good if not greater than fried. And you can have twice as numerous given that they have half the calories – it’s science.

The issue that makes this dish specific is the tomato sauce. Though there several versions out there, some even, which includes a garlic aioli as a 2nd sauce, I needed to hold things basic. The sauce itself comes collectively in about 20 minutes such as prep time and requires super fundamental substances:

Tomato paste or canned tomatoes
Garlic cloves + powder
Sizzling sauce
& Onion

It’s really similar to the sauce for the easy baked eggs, only a lot more vinegary, spicier, and significantly less chunky. Ideal for pouring atop crispy baked potatoes. #YUM

If you want to hold this dish vegan, quit right here. But if you’re up for yet another layer of taste, carry on the Parmesan! I very advocate it, as it’s a easy alternative to producing aioli, which demands 5 much more ingredients.

Last but not least, HERBS! I went with cilantro, but parsley is perhaps a lot more traditional. In addition to including a lot more shade, it adds freshness and an earthy taste that I adore.

And there you have it. Straightforward Patatas Bravas with a kick. This dish is:

One word – POTATOES
Excellent for a crowd (tapas any individual?)
& Super satisfying

Make this a comprehensive meal by incorporating a runny egg on prime (significantly remarkable). Otherwise, serve as a traditional Spanish appetizer or “tapas.” We ate these All over the place when we were in Spain. So excellent! They’re most likely my favorite appetizer of ALL TIME. Sorry chips & salsa, you had been very good for a minor whilst but…you’ve been replaced.

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