Spam musubi recipe

Spam musubi recipe

Editor’s note: Robyn Lee right here at Critical Eats HQ came in a couple weeks ago with that Hawaiian mainstay, Spam musubi. We were all intrigued, asking yourself in which she received it. “My pal Kathy produced it I took pictures.” We asked, Do you feel she’d be up for educating us all how to make them? And so, sizzling on the heels of Tuesday’s musubi intel, Kathy checks in with an awesome how-to. —Adam K.

Of all the food items men and women associate with Hawaii, Spam musubi seems to be most well-liked, with echoes of lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, and kalua pig trailing just behind. I’ve heard the terms Spam sushi and Spam sandwiches, but, no, get it appropriate: It truly is Spam musubi.

Back home in Hawaii, musubis are located at each and every convenience shop on the islands, 7-eleven incorporated (and, I have to say, their musubis are rather darn excellent!). Musubis are offered in college cafeterias and proper alongside butter mochi at regional bake revenue. Picnic? Someone’s mom is bound to make at least two dozen. Sleepover? Both dinner that night, or straight out of the fridge for breakfast.

  • one can Spam
  • three cups uncooked sushi rice
  • Soy sauce
  • Sugar
  • Nori sheets
  • Furikake or li hing mui
  • A musubi-maker

Tip: Just before you start, have all your ingredients at the prepared so the Spam is at its hottest and crispest as soon as it hits the rice.

The Spam musubi is a ridiculously basic creation, composed of 4 ingredients, but its really higher rating on the scale of tastiness can’t be denied. Spam, rice, nori, and furikake. Fundamental staples of each Hawaiian kitchen.

There are no precise measurements involved–you perform according to taste and individual preference. However, as a commencing guideline, three cups of uncooked sushi rice for every can of Spam is typical. If you don’t have a rice cooker, it’s a fantastic investment no correct Hawaiian mother or father would send her little one off to the mainland for perform or school with no a rice cooker in tow.

A small while ago Robyn came in excess of, and we embarked on a musubi adventure—both to quell my cravings and satisfy Robyn’s curiosity. Rice completed and warm in the cooker, we cracked open the Spam, gave a sturdy tap to the bottom of the can, and watched with glee as the pale pink reliable of happiness plopped onto the cutting board, glazed in savoury gelatinous goo. Slice the Spam into eight even pieces—or ten if you favor, but I like my musubi on the meaty side, heavy on the Spam.

Up coming, combine some soy sauce and sugar in a bowl. How considerably of each and every? It is all up to you. Some like it much more sweet, other folks like it salty. Start with equal quantities, and adjust to taste.

Okay. Now comes the wonderful portion. Location a saut pan on a burner, turn up the heat, lay the slices of Spam down, and fry away.

Right after one to 2 minutes, pour the soy saucesugar combine over the Spam—the mix will effortlessly soak into the crisping Spam pores, generating it much more salty (as if that had been even possible) and a tad sweet as the sugar caramelizes.

Maintain frying it right up until you reach your sought after level of crispness. When accomplished, transfer the Spam to a plate.

Now, operate rapidly and have every thing else laid out for assembly, otherwise the Spam will no longer be sizzling and crisp by the time the musubis are assembled. That would suck.

Ok. Ready? Minimize the nori strips in half lengthwise, and lay the musubi-maker — every person has one particular, correct? ) — on the middle of the nori (as observed above). Use the rice paddle to scoop a generous mound of rice into the mold. Use the musubi-maker take care of to press down on the rice. Press hard. The final point you want is floppy, unpressed rice–that just makes it challenging to consume.

Shake a thin layer of furikake more than the rice (appropriate) lay a slice of Spam on leading, and then shake on yet another layer of furikake. Some like to use li hing mui in area of furikake, which offers it a totally diverse taste, venturing into the realms of tangy-sweet, but I prefer the added crunch and hints of sesame from the furikake. Add one more layer of rice, and 1 last press.

Press with all your may! You want this packed tight. The musubi is intended to be a transportable deal with. You ought to be in a position to stuff it in your backpack for lunch on the seashore, consider it on a hike in Manoa Valley, or a bike trip all around the island. It is sturdy.

As soon as you have provided it a company press, hold the manage down with a single hand, and use the other to pull the mold upward, as a result unleashing the musubi.

Speedily wrap the nori all around the rice (use a handful of grains of rice to stick the nori collectively at ends if needed).

Now hurry and monch, monch away prior to the nori goes soft!

There shouldn’t be leftovers, but if so, wrap each and every musubi individually in plastic wrap, so you could pop them in the microwave every time you want. Or if you have added time on your hands, I often place the complete musubi in a pan, more than low heat, and fry on all sides, crisping up the nori. There is no incorrect way to eat Spam musubi.

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